Nature at its best !

In my school much importance is given to plants and their usefulness. We have Nature Walks ( to identify plants and their medicinal uses) & Nature Corners (corners dedicated to plants in every class) for students of all the classes. From the very beginning, we have been taught to care for the environment. But still … More Nature at its best !

Useful Links !

I have been instructed to share some URLs(i dont know what that stands for .. my mother spelled that out for me) with all my young friends. Those websites are helping me a lot at school. I am shining, trust me. And the credit goes to my 1 . Grand dad – who teaches me … More Useful Links !

Last Birthday !

Like every other kid of my age, all my 364 days of the year revolve around just one day and that’s my birthday. I love all who are born in that month (November) and every little/big thing in the history that took place in it. I am learning literature at school and I hate it … More Last Birthday !