I am Mehr, my mom says its a Persian name which means ‘blessing’. Though I really adore names like Aurora, Moana, Rapunzel etc I have finally made peace with my non – princess name. Honestly, I don’t have a choice. I am eight years old bookworm, I carry story books to even vacations. So I am kind of always lost in mine and my author’s world. It’s not easy, many a times I have to bear the brunt of my parents anger. They say, my mind and my body are never present at the same place at the same time. Huh, anyways, but I have made peace with this too….                                                                            

For some of you, who have no idea who this man is, then I must tell you it’s his world that I see through my eyes. My favourite author – Bond, Mr. Ruskin Bond. This is the first time I met him so my father booked the front row seats for me. Many thanks to his school friend Piyush Uncle, who owns this bookstore. I hope my father always continues his friendship with him….. 



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