All that glitters is Gold !

I am very excited today. I have something to share. Apart from studies I am also learning to fight. I am shy and reserved and I love music, my teacher says I am a good singer too. But my elder aunt insisted that I continue learning fighting. She said it will help me fight the bad guys out there. I was learning it with reluctance until yesterday when i received a gold medal for fighting well.. yes gold it is.. haha..

I am a yellow belt now. My friends say they wont mess with me now.

I don’t feel the same for Karate now. I am going to learn it sincerely and make a collection of medals. I have already asked my grandmother to get a showcase specially made for me. She is excited and said she is hoping for the best. She has also promised me that when the polish on my medals fade she will get them real gold polished, so they always shine bright.



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