Last Birthday !

Like every other kid of my age, all my 364 days of the year revolve around just one day and that’s my birthday. I love all who are born in that month and every little/big thing in the history that took place in it. I am learning literature at school and I hate it when poets describe it as bleak and dull. Huh !

Last year I celebrated my birthday at home with my family. My grandparents and parents and lots and lots of gifts from my aunts. They could not be there this time but their presents were. They ensure it reaches me on time even if they have to turn the world upside down for it. Such is the love ! I am blessed !

I read in a book of mine that a picture speaks a thousand words. Since I am such a slow writer, I want the picture to do all the talking. Here is a picture from my birthday last year. You can see for yourself how happy I look. 




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