Useful Links !

I have been instructed to share some URLs(i dont know what that stands for .. my mother spelled that out for me) with all my young friends. Those websites are helping me a lot at school. I am shining, trust me.

And the credit goes to my

1 . Grand dad – who teaches me tables ( I can say tables from 1 to 20 and will soon learn tables on fractions as well).

He is an engineer, born and brought up in a small village. There were no roads and electricity back then let alone schools and teachers. He has 12 siblings, so they all travelled everyday to the nearby village for schooling. Life was hard for them back then but he did a fair job. He learnt English alphabets only when he was in the eighth standard, and I am 8 right now, I can write essays. He received scholarship for further studies, in fact most of his brothers, and they were all put in hostels. They all became engineers. Yes, each of them. A bunch of intelligent chaps, I must say.

2. Mother – who teaches me basically everything, from english to hindi, maths to science, computers to general knowledge, history to geography, world maps to crosswords. She can go on teaching me the whole day, non stop. Huh ! 

I can code now !

I can make space sound interesting to you !

I can name continents, countries, oceans, seas, rivers, deserts, mountain ranges, volcanoes, anything that you can think of in a map. Just so you believe me i will give you an example – Which is the only lake which is called a sea ? Think, think, think …

Its DEAD SEA. As well as Caspian sea, but i like dead sea more for its name.

I have an excellent vocabulary. Yes i dont make mistakes in spellings and everything that I have written here is hundred percent written by me. Other than, sentence constructions and few more things where i shout out to my MA … “Please help me, i am stuck.”

3. Father – I learn sports from him. He is a sports enthusiast. He knows football, basketball, skating, table tennis, baddy, cricket, anything. He is tall, slender and so fit.

He is a busy man though. But very different than most of the fathers in my neighbourhood and relatives. He leaves for office at 9 in the morning and comes back at 9 in the evening. He has his own business but he works 6 days a week. I wonder if he gets time to breathe. But, but, but .. He drops me to school everyday, after which he comes back home, gets ready and then leaves for office, so its not on the way like an everyday chore. The time he could spend lazing on the bed, he spends it happily on me. I love him to the moon for that. He doesn’t want to miss those twenty minutes we spend talking in the car. He knows about each of my friends and teachers. He can mimic them, he knows them so well. In the night he sometimes puts me to bed also. I have not seen a single father like that, I am so proud of him.

So, its too much learning already. But my mother insists I never give up the desire to learn more and more. So here are some links you all might find useful –

These are my favourites. Please bookmark them and visit them again and again. Not only will they help with homework but also help you win quizzes. I love them. 

For everything above i received something special – a gold certificate from school and lots of love from my proud parents. Here is a picture where my surname has been cut by my mom. She thinks sharing my picture is fine but not my surname.. 😉



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