Gardening with Grandmom !

Hi there ! I have been busy with my grades for a while. This school session is ending this Friday and we are now only helping out the teacher prepare the class for the next batch. There aren’t any home works and mother is letting me more free time than usual.

I have ample time to show you around my terrace garden. I am blessed to have one such corner where I can be so close to nature ( It also helps me do night sky watching – my favourite thing). This is one thing I have picked up completely from my grand mother, she has green hands. Everything in our garden has been planted by her. We do have gardeners but she only trusts herself.

I love planting. My favourite plant is bishop’s weed. They grow much easily and needs less caring. I love to eat them raw, or mixed in salads or as my favourite gram flour and ajwain (thats what we call them in India) fries. They are very aromatic too.

At my home we never throw things. My grandmom says when some object becomes unfit for something, it becomes fit for another. Renew, recycle, reuse. One example of this are my old water bottles,since we need porous pots for planting when they start leaking and become unfit for school they become fit for the garden. I have them all here in one corner of my garden, most of them have bishop’s weed in them :-))IMG_20170320_123800









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