Norway – The way to Northern Lights !

When my dad planned a trip to Norway in the summers we knew we would miss on the Northern Lights. I fell in love with them the first time I saw them on YouTube. I usually paint the sky with multiple colours in my drawing class. Though the only time I have seen Indian sky that colourful is during the twilight in the evenings. But.. Now that I am back, I can confidently say that Norway is much more than the Northern Lights ! It is worth seeing no matter which month you choose to travel.

We will be going back though, my father still has these in his bucket list which we couldn’t do this time –

  • Atlantic Ocean road, Molde – You must check it out on google to believe it !
  • Northern Lights through Glass Igloos – The perfect way to see it.

We flew in Aeroflot & SAS to reach Oslo. From the Gardermoen airport, we took a train to the Central railway station. Thankfully, our hotel Radisson Blu was just ten steps away from the station.


I thoroughly enjoyed my stay there. At the station you can find many departmental stores, car rental companies and Byporten mall for all your fashion needs. Our room at Radisson was spacious and had a bath tub in it (the only thing I want in a room). Buffet breakfast had a lot to offer and was yummy ! Since I am a picky eater I had croissants, chocolate muffins and fresh juice everyday. Only when you thought I had nothing else to mention – there was a fun fair right by the Oslo central station. I tried almost all the rides and spent an entire evening there. 

On our first day in Norway, we toured the best of the museums in Oslo city. The Viking ship museum has a collection of four ships on display. I like the story of the burial ship most. Made in the year 820, it was used to bury people and mourn their death. Every 15 minutes they show a documentary inside the museum which gives an insight into the story of the ships.

Very similar to this was the Fram museum. Fram ship was bigger and in a much better shape then Viking ships. Also, people are allowed to explore the ship on their own. We saw the documentary on it which explains beautifully the origin and the end of the ship. Just outside the museum you can enjoy the breeze flowing from the North sea as well as take pictures.

Next day was the highlight of our tour. The visit to Flam.

My father rented a car from the company Hertz ( He has asked me to mention that its always better to rent it from the airport because of the higher rates in the city) which made our trip to Flam easier and smoother. Though you can always travel by train from Oslo to Myrdal to Flam, which is infact a very scenic train ride, its cheap only if you book it beforehand. When in Flam you can take a cruise to Gudvangen. But my father loves being a free bird, no wonder we have never been on a cruise yet. We also enjoyed the liberty of stopping on the way for photographs and refreshments. Once we stopped right at the lap of snow covered mountains, I played  with the snow unceasingly.


On our way back to Oslo, we had a flat tyre. Since on that very day a number of cars had broken down, help arrived us pretty late. We were stranded near the Oslo town hall. Passers – by helped us throughout. Infact, everyone suggested us to retire to our hotel after safely placing the car keys on front right tyre of the car. Since we had never heard of a such a thing in India it came as a shock to us. My dad doesn’t even trust my mom when its his car in question .. !! 😉


Please visit the Oslo Opera house, white marbled structure, where you can walk all the way to the roof and also the royal palace where you can see the change of guards at 1:30 pm everyday. It takes around 40 minutes and occurs everyday no matter what the weather of Oslo is like. For your information, out of 365 days, it rains for 270 days in Oslo. I had my rainwear with me all the time.

Or, if you don’t enjoy regular sightseeing like my mom, just enjoy the uncontrolled growth of tulips on the roads, try the Norwegian delicacies or listen to one of the many talented musicians and singers performing on the crowded streets. There is something for everyone in Oslo.

I wish i could share everything in pictures ! I have one for every moment. My parents love revisiting places, more than exploring new. They click pictures to keep the place alive in their memory until they can go back again. Hence when i grow up they want me to visit these places again alone and relive the old moments ! Fingers crossed 🙂





20 thoughts on “Norway – The way to Northern Lights !

  1. I plan to visit Norway for the Northern lights and Toltuga rock among others.
    Would you recommend someone to visit during summer or winter for their first trip?

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