“Act not out of fear but solely from love.” – Mary Ward

Living in protective families we sometimes stay unaware of the challenges that we might face when we step out into the unknown one day. Life skills education must start from an early age and hence came the concept of schools, a home away from home !

Annotation 2020-08-15 115705
Loreto House, an institution that has been helping us recognize and polish the talents we’ve been blessed with.

A school is our first step towards independence. It is like a flight of stairs that leads us to our goal. I am proud to say my school has been constantly moulding us into better humans. It has taught us to be honest, disciplined and dedicated but at the same time being ourselves. To face all hurdles with unfailing strength and courage.

Necessity is the mother of invention. Since we were unable to attend school due to the current situation, the idea of online schooling or virtual classes arose. Now we are having everything online – from classes on everyday subjects to physical training, from participating in non-flame cooking and plantation drives to virtual book exhibitions and from exciting webinars to creative workshops, all from the comfort of our homes. These online sessions have given us a golden opportunity to unleash our thoughts and let them soar high.

As a Loretoite, I know how my school has been inculcating deep moral values in us. We take moral science and catechism classes as seriously as Newton had taken science. Just the other day, our class teacher mentioned how important it is to own our mistakes and never repeat them. To be righteous and not just right.

Can't wait for the gate to re-open and welcome us all with open arms :)
Can’t wait for the gates to re-open and welcome us all with open arms 🙂

On this Independence day, I must be grateful to all, for whom I could truly feel this independence of body and mind. Here is my tribute to my school and my nation – “Jai Hind”


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