If you ask me, which genre of books I love reading the most? Without a blink I would say SUPERNATURAL FICTION. It lights me up as I like the thrill of being scared, but it doesn’t excite me as much as real stories about paranormal encounters do. I love the spooky feeling of crossing a bridge in the dead of the night, fetching a glass of water from the kitchen when everyone else has slept, answering a doorbell at an unexpected hour and a zillion other things which won’t come to my mind now when I have to put word to my thought 😉 While every other city has some scary stories to share, I think I am quite blessed to be in the midst of spirits of Kolkata…

So, here is my list of favourite eerie places to visit in Kolkata –

NATIONAL LIBRARY : Did you know that the biggest library in India with over 2.2 million books is haunted by the ghost of Lady Metcalfe ? Yes, people say that if you take a book and forget to keep it back in its correct position, you will feel her breathing heavily down your neck. She often screams and even chuckles at night. People have also heard the sound of her footsteps and witnessed a faint shadow of her. This historical site holds a significant rank in not only the haunted places in Kolkata but also in whole of India.

ADDRESS : Belvedere Road, Block A, Alipore, Kolkata, West Bengal 700027

The sight of this ancient building at night will freak you out ! © whatshot.in

RABINDRA SAROBAR METRO STATION : This metro station has been reported with the highest number of suicidal cases in Kolkata. People state that they have seen shadows lurking in this station. Although visited by several people throughout the day, it is still infamous for its late-night mysterious incidents. People say that these are the spirits of those who committed suicide here. When the platform is vacant shadows can be seen on the track.

ADDRESS : Shyama Prasad Mukherjee Rd, Charu Market, Kalighat, Kolkata, West Bengal 700033

This metro station is one of the spookiest in India and will leave you shuddering with fear © eRail.in

HOWRAH BRIDGE : Well, this might be a shock to you but Kolkata’s renowned Howrah Bridge is a haunted spot too. People say that they have seen hands moving in the water pleading for help which are believed to be the spirits of the people who had self slaughtered themselves there . Those, who jumped in the water to help them have lost their lives too! Some people also state that they have witnessed a lady dressed in white, sobbing and calling out their names in a nasal tone.

Take a quick glimpse of the haunted ghat under Howrah Bridge before you witness it for real ! © India.com

PUTULBARI : Putulbari or the House of Dolls is yet another baffling place in Kolkata. The tenants residing in the building claim that they hear loud screams of women to which they have adapted overtime. Any tourist that has gone into the house has probably vowed to never visit it again! The upper storeys of this building have been kept locked due to its eerie and mysterious happenings at night. The house is named so because of the many figures of dolls it contains.

ADDRESS : SL Chatterjee St, NDDM Ward No – 26, Sarada Palli, Nimta, Kolkata, West Bengal 700049

Nerve-wracking tales of Putulbari increases one’s curiosity to experience this mansion, manifolds ! © Donecomsite.wordpress.com

THE ROYAL CALCUTTA TURF CLUB : This site has quite an interesting story to it. Once, there was a man called George Williams. He had a horse who was known as the ‘Queen of Tracks’ as she won almost every race. As time passed she began to age and fell ill. She ran her last race at the  Annual Calcutta Derby, which she lost. Soon after she was found dead with injuries on the railway tracks. Her ghost continues to haunt this place and people have claimed that they have seen her, especially on Saturdays.

ADDRESS : 55D, Maidan, Defence Flats, New Alipore, Kolkata, West Bengal 700053

The invincible horse of George Williams that exists even after it’s death !
© India.com

SOUTH PARK CEMETERY : This garden of remembrance is actually a war memorial which is home to the the graves of several intrepid British soldiers who lost their lives and were buried here. Despite being a graveyard, it is quite appealing to tourists and has a high daily footfall. Once, a group of friends went to this burial ground and took several photos. They later noticed that there was a shadow in each of the images. The boy who had clicked the photos died sometime later due to asthma even though he was not asthmatic.

ADDRESS : 52, Park Street, Opp Assembly Of God Church, Kolkata, West Bengal 700017

A narrow lane fringed by ancient and sturdy trees at South Park Street Cemetery.
© livehistoryindia.com

HASTINGS HOUSE : Also known as the ‘Bhoot Bangla’, this place is frequently visited by the spirit of a man riding a horse (most probably Warren Hastings). Warren Hastings was accused of corruption. People say he comes in search of his folder that could have saved him from getting accused.  Not only is this place haunted by the spirit of Warren Hastings, but also by the soul of a boy who once played football on the grounds, injured himself and lost his life. Since then, many people who have played football here have got injured severely !

ADDRESS : 20, B, J.C. Road, Alipore, Kolkata, West Bengal 700027

‘Bhoot Bangla’ on a moonlit night appears to be an ancient, eldritch mansion !
© India.com

WRITER’S BUILDING : Legend has it that once the trio of young independent freedom fighters – Benoy Basu, Badal Gupta and Dinesh Gupta assassinated the inspector general of police, Colonel Simpson as he treated Indian prisoners ruthlessly. Since his death, it is said that his soul still haunts the Writer’s Building . He was shot on the 5th floor of the building so that storey is considered to be the most sinister of them all. No one has the audacity to visit this structure after dark. People claim to have heard a distinct sound of footsteps, loud cries and screams. These absurd happenings have made this building a creepy one.######

ADDRESS : Binoy Badal Dinesh Bag N, Lal Dighi, B.B.D. Bagh, Kolkata, West Bengal 700001

Don’t get deceived by its looks, although very vibrant this same building can seem very creepy at night ! © suganhomes.com

Wipro Office : Although alarming, did you know that an office can be possessed too ? Hmm…but this office is not haunted by a specific ghost of a particular person but instead the spirits of several people. This office complex was built on a former graveyard. Several floors are abandoned by people, especially the third storey of the third tower. Apparitions and uncanny sounds have also been perceived by the employees who work till late night.

ADDRESS : Binoy Badal Dinesh Bag N, Lal Dighi, B.B.D. Bagh, Kolkata, West Bengal 700001

Although exquisitely built now, this office has stood as a witness for several murders. © India.com

KOLKATA DOCKYARD : This dock is haunted by the spirit of Nawab Wajid Ali Shah of Awadh. He developed a flourishing maritime trade with the British East India Company. However, the Britishers took advantage of him and used him for their convenience. They eventually took over his motherland leaving him grief-stricken. Ever since, after his death he roams around the anchorage in his thirst for revenge against the British. People have witnessed blood-curdling shadows near the wharf, hence making this another haunted place in Kolkata.

The Nawab’s tragic spirit still makes its rounds near this dock ! © themysteriousindia.net

Whether you believe in haunted souls or not, Calcutta is certainly a ‘City with a Soul’.

Come, visit my city during the world famous Durga Puja when the city is adorned with magnificent pandals, larger than life idols and perfect enthusiasm to lift your spirits.

If you are a lover of peace, visit my city for its colonial British architecture, heritage, multi-ethnicity impact, Bengali culture, music and cuisine.

If you have any questions regarding my city, please feel free to drop a comment or message me through the contact form. I look forward to assist you.


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