Hola ! Ciao ! Bonjour ! Hiya !

Welcome to my blog ! I am Mehr, a travel enthusiast. When I am not travelling you will find me in the attic reading books. Unlike few of my friends who write about their day in their diaries, I wanted to start something which is more colourful and easy to write on. Since I spend more quieter than vocal hours in a day, I think blogging is more my thing. 

I also love space and everything about it so I read encyclopedias based on it. I want to be a space scientist some day but never an astronaut. I am scared the space shuttle will explode midway. I will be happy if ISRO or NASA gives me a job someday. I am also taking part in backyard world. We look for planets through computer. It’s like attaching a telescope to your computer.

Through this blog I aim to reach out to all the fellow travellers who share the same interest as mine. Stay tuned !