.. And there are many who touched my heart too with their wonderful comments …


There are so many villages in India which practice traditional arts and crafts that the rest of the world knows nothing about. I really appreciate your efforts to bring one of those to light.    

– Denny George


It is so nice to see a post on off beat destinations as we have all read anough about Paris and Prague etc. The local places in India have such rich culture and Art to offer. I enjoyed the colorful pictures and information and will try soon to visit Naya of Mednipur -West Bengal.

– Travel Quartz


Bookmarking your post for a ready reference whenever I plan to visit Moscow! Thanks for the great writeup…almost felt like traveling through Moscow. You should write for Lonely Planet 🙂

Vivek Jaiswal


Moimehr! I love discovering India “off the beaten path” with your blog! Another cool place to be added to my India travel bucket list – the list is growing each time I visit your site 🙂 So when I finally go to India and never leave it will be your fault! 🙂



I love all the festivals in India – they are so beautiful and the history behind each of them so meaningful – is it then the best time to visit India? I think I would like to visit during Diwali as the lights are just beautiful. I think here in the UK Holi and Diwali are the most famous ones!

My boyfriend is really interested in Indian mythology since he came back from Sri Lanka. It’s nice to get a bit more of it from your blog. Thank you!

I have to say that the design of your blog is really nice – I will be visiting more often!



I absolutely love the Agra article! I took a history course in uni that focused on the rise and fall of the Mughal empire, and it was fascinating. Your article really took me back! Taj Mahal is an obvious must for any traveler in India to see, but what I like most about this is that you include much more than that (like the forts), along with the added snippets of history. I’m excited to visit India in the future!



I really love your perspective in travelling and look forward to reading more about your travels! You are so lucky that your parents take you travelling at such a young age 🙂

– Nancy


Amazing reading posts thatgive me a kinda life experience teachings and sure you had a good one here. a first timer on your blog and sure yes you write so neatly and you posts are so nice and resourceful.

– Lex